Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another great one from Quin....

When I shared a hovel with several other delinquents (starving state college students) we used to have a have a running joke. The joke revolved around root beers in the fridge. Living with four other guys usually meant that the beer went quicker than your ex-lax eating grandmother drinking prune juice. On more than one occasion each of us had reached into the fridge to pull out a cold one only to discover the cupboard was bare, or worse you grabbed one of our never ending supply of root beers. Not exactly what you bargained for, but now you were stuck with it.

Nothing against Hires or IBC but grabbing a root beer from the fridge meant that you had been duped. Soon the phrase was embedded in our vocabulary. If your buddy gave you bogus questions to your Statistics final, you grabbed a root beer from the fridge. If you came home with a girl with visible flaws from the bar, you pulled a root beer from the fridge. Not what you expected, but now you owned it.

This week when I went to vote, I was surprised to see Ted Kennedy’s name as one of my choices for State Senator. It’s not that I didn’t expect him to run for re-election, it’s that it finally hit me. I didn’t see any campaign posters, lawn signs, bumper stickers, etc. Nada. To my knowledge this is a man who did not campaign in any way, yet was still able to crush the sacrificial lamb that dared oppose him.

Does the mythical aura surrounding this family insulate them from occupational choirs? Every occupation has it’s downside, the one area where you have to pay your dues. For example a firefighter has to enter a burning building. A police officer has to confront criminals. There are things we all have to do to justify our paychecks. If these are common truths then shouldn’t politicians have to answer to their constituents? I’ve exercised my right to vote for roughly 15 years and I can honestly state that I don’t recall Senator Kennedy having any opposition.

At this point in his career what does he have to offer? Does he bring new ideas to the table? Does he still understand the plight of the common man? Does he understand that the pilfering of public resources here in the Baystate are crushing the morale of it’s inhabitants?

The Big Dig is one of the largest misuses of taxpayer resources in history. The state’s schools are chronic under performers. Crime is on the rise. The state’s second largest city is precariously close to going into receivership. Wages are stagnant, and real (middle-class wage producing) work is hard to come by.

Perhaps it’s time for a change. Perhaps it’s time for a fresh voice. One that has been weathered by hard choices, such as which bill will I have to pay late so I can afford to heat my home. An individual with a bad back from wrestling with ways to pay for his/her children to attend college. An individual weary from wondering how will he care for his parents who have worked their entire lives yet Social Security will not provide a living wage.

I voted for Kennedy, but the whole time I felt like I had grabbed a root beer from the fridge. Ain’t Camelot great?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Best Week Ever

So the wife and son went to Texas for a whole week leaving me and my beautiful daughter to have the week to ourselves...we did alot...we went to Lupa Zoo, Magic Wings, hiking, Northampton, shopping for toys for her, and we hung out at the house and was literaly the best week I have had all year long....I will miss the alone time with her when the wife and son get back...I only hope that she remembers this week as she gets older, and remembers that her father loves her so much......

you my baby doll....:)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friends who live in the middle of nowhere

So last night I visited a friend up on the Three rivers area of western Mass. I hadn't talked with this friend in a while, he had no idea what was going on in my life and how much I really needed to get out of the house. As soon as he called me, I packed up my laptop and ipod and ran out the door. I had to call him multiple times to get the directions correct. He kept saying take this road to the end then take this road to the end and then right, and left and I still felt so unsure the way. I saw an edlery man sitting in his yard, and thought of stopping and asking directions, which is so unheard of in the north east, but in the south stopping to speak with someone, a complete stranger is so common. Its a slower life in the south, one which you can just be polite and reach out to strangers and most of the time they are more than willing to help. that southern hospitality. But again in Mass it doesn't fly, which is okay, we have cell phones for this type of stuff anyway.
When I finally got to my friends house, he was outside with his wife and two kids. The night was cool, and the breeze came across the two arce field behind his house. It felt so peaceful, I was so far in the sticks, that there was no noise pollution, and at nght, the stars were so bright and everywhere.....
later on after I explained why I was in my mood to my friend, we took a drive into town. Three riers is apparently part of Palmer, but I really didn't care, it felt as if I was in a different state, somewhere I have never been, and it felt good. It felt like I walked right out of my life into this wierd twightzone episode that allowed me to be someone new. I wished that I could have moved in right there and lived my life without ever having to really face me again.
I took pics on my cell phone and sent them to my wife. I took pics of me on a bridge. and of a sign outsdie of the package store...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Brand New

I got nothin....

Friday, April 28, 2006

The time has come.....

In REM 's famous song, Finest Work Song, there is a line that really troubled me tomight, it goes something like, "what you want and what you need, has been confused, been confused..."
And it really got me thinking about what I need in life, compared to what I want. I don't know if I know this about myself or not. Is it a simple answer? or are they but really one and the same? I mean I want certain things, like my wife's love, and health for my children, but those are also things I need. I need to know that my wife, as sweet and charming and fun as she is, that her love will never leave me. I know I need this, I would fall to peices otherwise. I wanted the beer I am drinking right now, I know I probalbly don't need it, but it tasted decent, and I guess you can't complain about that. But there are so many things that can cross from one side to the next....but what is it that I turely need? This is the part that scares me, because I really don't have a clear answer. I wish that it was easy, that things always made sense, that life was simple, and pain free, but it isn't, and it's scary, and I feel like I am truely alone, though surrounded by my family, the little friends I allow. This film is on, on a maddening loop....I feel unspun, like I need time to pull myself together, to try to figure out what the hell I am trying to accomplish in this life, which is a total mystry. Oh where are you now, pussywillow that smiled on my sleeve. I guess I should reallyget to know me again, to see me as who I am, instead of this shell I occupy with slight force. I could go and do anything, but instead, I hide away from the world, and myself. I hate almost everything about this, and it's killing me. Slowly I feel less and less in control, being led around and forced to deal with things I do not want to deal with, to lay awake at night, with no sleep, staring into the black void that in my bedroom ceiling, trying like hell to just see the way one more time, to try to find myself hidden away, locked behind my stupid grin and lagging eyes, to feel whole in Me. I guess I need to dream more, to forget these horrible little nightmares of my waking life, to try to deal, to try to stay away from the edge....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Isn't it Ironic, don't you think?

Okay so my last post was abit out there until I read this CBS article. Now things sort of spook me.
I mean think about it. For the last five years I have said the exact same thing, that it's our foriegn policy that drives OBl, and that the Iraq war was a shame. I have articles from from fall of 2002 that I had printed out that basically said that Saddam was no threat, and had no wmds. And on the run up to the war, when us "crazy lefty no nothings " were saying that this war would be wrong, the MSM and GOP fuck heads just said we were aiding and abedding the enemy. Fuck them. They are the ones who completely fucked up. I am so sick of being right about the politics of now. I had an interesting rant session with a co-worker today about my post, and I figured what the fuck I would post it fo you to view.

My first post linked to my post from 03/09/06 and theCBS article that indicated that the UAE decided to pull from the deal after discussing it with rove, which was the premise of my 03/09 post.( actually written prior to knowing the rov connnection)

here was the response I received:
I hope all the other whacko's agree with you, my friend. That way you'll all be blind-sided when you realize it's your candidates that are the problem, not Karl Rove. :-),0,3647083.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

another friend threw this in:
I hope the good that they democrats don't put her up in the next election. That will be an automatic failure.
Bush still stinks and I think that the republicans are going to throw the next election because the country is going to be so screwed up, and when a democrat gets in office, they will just blame everything on them.....

my gop friend:
I don't understand what it is about your lives that is so screwed up that you blame the government for. Yes, the next time there's a Democrat in office, we'll dump on them, the same ways you guys do on Bush. That doesn't mean either of us is right. The economy goes up and down--it happens with business cycles. Wars come and go--they always have. People die--it's a fact of life. How much of your daily life would actually change if someone else was in the White House?

My military friend:

Since I am in the military, it does effect my daily life of myself and my friends in the military. And you can give me the line that I signed up for it, because I did sign up to protect my country and my family. But not to fight a bogus war that was fabricated and built on a lie. For a government that "flip flops" and a President that says he talks to God and takes advice from him.

my gop friend:

Yeah, we shoulda tossed that Lincoln guy out on his ear...talkin' to God is crazy.

My military friend:
Separation of church and state. He said he is taking "direct advice" form God! Come on!

my gop friend:

Beats taking direct advice from Ted Kennedy.

and me throwing it into perspective.( sorry I didn tuse spell check, but you get the point.)

I take direct advise from my good friend mary jane, and she tells me the man is changing everything we hold dear about this country. As a Repub, you should be up at arms, I thought the Grand Old Party stood for fisical responsiblity, a strong national defense, and a smaller gov. On everyone of those points, this admin has taken a total 180 stance.
w's little war on terror is a joke. OBL is the one who attacked us on 9/11, and while w pulled resourses and attacked Iraq, that bastard is walking around free. Not to mention our now "broken" army, which is being put to task on things they were not meant to be used for. If Iran truely is the threat of the day, and w and cheny keep up the drama of promising some sort of military solution to end the game, whose army is going to fight their war? Our's can't, it's caught in a fly trap called Iraq. And look at the growth of the gov, consolidated agencies run by incompetant fools whose lack of knowledge of the job is literally killing people. w admin is good at politics, but suck at governing.
But like you said, dems are no better, but this country deserves at least a government that can actually do it's job, and as for the "how does this affect me" question, we can just call up anyone who had their lives ripped apart by the war or Katrina/rita. It's not the governments job to hold our hands, but it is it's job to repsond to national distasters with some semblence of competance, and when persecuting a war, we hope they would try to do it without the same.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Karl Rove is a fucking genius

Okay, so you realize that everything you ever worked for is falling to shit. Your manin the big house is stupid, and pretty much everyone around you sees this as clear as day. Poll numbers show that the prez is dragging his party down with him, and with mid year elections right around the corner, you had better start to get your head out of your ass to try and save the day.
So you tell a little man down at the DHS to clear a deal with the UAE to lease a couple ports in NY. You know how the crazy folks will act, heck you have benn bringing fear and dread to the dinner table whenever anyone says boo about Arabs. Now all you have to do is have the Prez come out and say he will Veto any bill brought before him that puts this deal in dire straights. Americans eat this shit up, and yell at the top of their collective lungs to stop this deal from ever happening. GOP congressmen dtand up to evil prez and take teh deal to a vote, and it looks bad for the Prez, heck he may even have to do something here.....but wait, what's that you say, UAE has pulled the plug on the deal? Wow, what a twist of unforseen the folks back at home have this happy feeling again, like the GOP actually have a back bone to stand up to w. and are standing up to fight for our freedoms. Folks at home are going to be looking differently at the GOP, past all the old talk about corruption, and incompitence, they will own the show agin, and bring National Security to the fore front of their campaigns, again owning nightly tlak shows and news cycles, acting as if the last four years of knocking down pretty much all the dems attempts to actually make port security a reality just a small hicup in their collective forgetful brains. It's so sad that Karl Rove is an evil Genius, and a complete asshole.

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